Health, hygiene and infection control is an important part of our cleaning, we follow COVID 19 guidelines and we know all the right ways to protect you.

We are one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in the UK. 

So how exactly did we get here?

Our journey started in February 2023 with a seed planted in the soil and now that seed has become a tree which hasn't stopped growing ever since!

So whatever your cleaning needs are, we are able to meet them and we just don't meet expectations, we exceed expectations!

It's just what we do! We make cleaning so simple! 

Boss Lady


Feyisayo is the CEO and founder of Clean Genesis Limited. She has a background in IT and a Masters degree in Applied Informatics ( A combination of Business Management and Technology) from the University Of Reading - Henley Business School. She has an in-depth understanding of the nature, structure and function of management information systems in the business domain. She has worked in various sectors of the industry - Education, Healthcare, NHS, Telecoms, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing. She has a great wealth of knowledge and expertise. She has worked alongside users and subject specialists, to support their business functions.

Describe her in a few words? She is intelligent, talented and hard working. She is a person of integrity.

We are the elements and skills you need for an effective and successful cleaning


Celebrity Cleaning

We are the cleaning you need!

 We check all the boxes...

We provide top cleaning solutions for your homes and businesses.


At Clean Genesis, transparency is important for any business relationship. Therefore, the level of detail we provide to our customers is crucial because the more detail you have, the more accurately you can decide whether our quote meets your needs and whether the price quoted to you is fair and reasonable.

Enjoy flexibility with us because our cleaning service will work around you and not the other way round. Cancellation, re-scheduling even on short notice, we'll make it all easy and convenient for you.

Your cleaning service provider should be able to provide additional services to you by going the extra mile for you. That's us.

So now we are done talking. It's time to set the ball rolling and get into action. Actions speak louder than words and OUR WORK SPEAKS FOR US...