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 Cheers to a cleaner, brighter and happier home with Clean Genesis.

For all your domestic cleaning

The feeling of peace that settles over you knowing you don't have to do your cleaning yourself is priceless!  This is where we come in. It's not just about the cleaning. It's the Experience! We do what we do so well that the moment we walk out of the door, you just feel happier and healthier. It's like magic!

 We go that extra mile to ensure that you feel right at home.

For all your commercial cleaning

What makes us unique? very simple! Our attention to detail cannot be matched. Our dedication to the cleaning and maintaining of your homes and buildings will always be a joy to remember!

 We scrub those stubborn stains and we catch every speck of dust, leaving no dirt behind.

 How we operate

We manage all bookings and invoices in a quick, transparent and uncomplicated manner.

For all domestic and commercial cleaning, we want you to be in control of the type of cleaning products used to clean your homes and premises. So we have devised a method for this to be possible. All you need to do is to provide your own cleaning supplies. Ensure you have all the cleaning materials and products you need to make your cleaning possible in an efficient and effective manner.

These include hoovers and mops for the floors, bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, surface cleaners, dusters, sponges, cleaning cloths, etc. This is cost effective method, because you can buy your cleaning products in bulk and use them over and over again until you have completely run out and these could take weeks and even months before you will need to re-stock. Your cleaning materials can be used, washed and re-used again.

There will never be a situation where the cleaner forgets to bring a certain product or material because you will always have them in your home and on your premises, This is a Completely hassle-free method for both our cleaners and customers.

All our cleaners are professionally trained and DBS checked. You will have uniformed cleaners in your homes and on your premises. Once you have completed your booking, we will follow up with a call, text or email. We will then send an identification of the cleaner who would be visiting your home/ premises on the day. The cleaner arrives on your scheduled day and time and gets the work done. You can book the same cleaner again or have him/her as your permanent and personal cleaner and you can also decide if you would prefer a different cleaner.

Your satisfaction is our primary focus, therefore we regularly train our cleaners how to clean hygienically and systematically. All our cleaners are directly employed and insured with rights to paid holidays and sickness benefits in the events of illness. A directly employed cleaner usually does a better job. This also works well for our customers, because you can instantly get a replacement cleaner if a scheduled cleaner cancels due to illness or other compelling factors.

All our cleaners are professionally trained to follow your cleaning plan. you can also give specific instructions per appointment. Put in your postcode, choose your preferred date and send your booking request and we will do our best to match your request with a cleaner who lives locally within the area, to avoid situations with lateness and traffic issues.

Any questions or anything you are unsure about or need clarification, just contact us and we will respond to all of your queries.

 We clean responsibly. We are a scrub above the rest. 

You can rely on us to do a consistently gleaming job, knowing that we'll never miss a spot.