Terms and Conditions

Clean Genesis Limited - Terms and Conditions


"The Company" - means Clean Genesis Limited

"Cleaner" / "Cleaning Operative" -  means the person, or group of people carrying out cleaning services on behalf of the Company

"Client" -  means the person, firm or body to whom the Company supplies cleaning services

"Cleaning visit" - means the visit by the cleaner/ cleaning operative  to the clients service address in order to carry out the service.

"Parties" - means the "Company and the Client"


2.1. These terms and conditions represent a contract between the Company and the Client. 

2.2. The Client agrees that by using the services of the Company right from placing an order up to completion, constitutes the Client's acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

2.3. No other variation or alteration of theses terms and conditions are valid unless it is approved in writing by a Company Director. 

2.4. These terms and conditions shall prevail over any other terms of business or conditions put forward by the Client.


3.1. A payment is requested on the day of booking. Payments can be made through bank transfer and standing orders. All work requested by the Client to be carried out by the Company  will be charged accordingly. 

3.2. Any work undertaken by the Company on behalf of the Client is done on the basis that the Client has fully approved of such work provided there is evidence of verbal, written, email or any other forms of correspondence between the parties.

3.3.  Payments of fees rendered by invoice are due within the dates stated on the invoice via our appointed bank. 

3.4. To any overdue accounts, an interest rate of 8.5% may be applied. We have the statutory right to interest and compensation to debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if not paid according to the agreed terms. 

3.5. All prices shall be in pound sterling, unless expressly stated otherwise. We shall invoice monthly or at the beginning or end of a project dependent on the agreed terms. 

3.6. All prices are NET and all accounts are payable no later than 5 working days from the date of invoice. After the 5 working day period has passed, all further work for the Client shall cease. 

3.7. All our quotation are valid for a period of 30 days after which we have the right to revise this quotation. Any additional work that isn't covered in the original brief shall be quoted separately and this will be added to the original invoice. 

3.8. Our cleaning prices are reviewed yearly and adjusted in line with inflation, minimum wage increase or any other circumstances deemed reasonable.


4.1. Client may cancel or adjust the cleaning visit time by giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled appointment. Client agrees to a pay 40% of the quote as a cancellation fee where there is cancellation or changes to date less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. 

4.2. Client agrees to pay 40% of the cleaning visit in the event of a Cleaner being turned away, or there's no one home to let them in, or where there's a problem with Client's keys/code. 

4.3. Keys and codes must be able to open the lock without any special skills or effort. Clean Genesis will do it's best to accommodate a Client's need to change the date or time of a cleaning visit, provided 24 hours notice is given, however this doesn't guarantee that the same cleaner will be available on the new date and time requested by the client, as any changes in the cleaning schedule is subject to availability. 

4.4. Our Cleaning operatives work bank holidays, therefore if a Client's cleaning visit is due on any bank holiday and the Client has not advised a cancellation at least 24 hours before the start of the cleaning session, the Client will still be charged irrespective of whether cleaning  took place by the cleaner at the Client's property or not.


5.1. Client agrees to a no refund in the case of termination of cleaning service by the Client given less than 1 week's notice. Client may terminate the cleaning service 30 Calendar days notice in advance, either in writing and also via email specifying the last cleaning date with reason. 

5.2. Client may terminate this contract by giving 30 calendar days notice in writing via email, once the initial  contracted term of 12 months has ended. If the Client wishes to terminate the contract before the 12 months has elapsed, The Client must pay the outstanding remaining balance of the contract. The Client agrees that if no notice is given and the Client provides a termination of notice less than 30 calendar days, a cancellation fee equivalent to 30 days of service must be paid by the Client. 

5.3. For the purpose of compliance with the Transfer of undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations, the Client is obliged to provide details of any incoming contractor prior to termination of the contract.


6.1. There will be no refund claims once cleaning service has been carried out. 

6.2. Refund will be issued if a 24 hour notice cancellation has been given by the Client prior to the scheduled appointment and payment has already been received by the Company. 

6.3. Refund will be issued or another appointment will be re-scheduled if a Cleaner fails to attend a cleaning visit and payments has already been received by the Company.


7.1. The Client agrees that the Company guarantees to only correct any problems reported within 24 hours, other wise claims  will not be accepted as a valid claim. Invalid claims will entitle the client to no refunds or recovery cleanings. 

7.2. Clean Genesis may require the presence of the Client or their representatives at the beginning and towards the end of the cleaning in order to be able to carry out an inspection and make same day corrections where necessary with the exception of end of tenancy cleaning and after builder's cleaning which can be inspected within 24 hours. This exception may also apply where Client is absent.

7.3. All fragile and extremely breakable items must be removed. Jewelry, cash and any other items of sentimental value are excluded from liability. With art and antiques, the present cash worth will be credited to the Client. 

7.4. In cases of damage, Clean Genesis will repair the item at its cost and if the item cannot be repaired, Clean Genesis will rectify the problem by crediting the Client with the present actual cash value toward a like replacement from a Clean Genesis source upon payment of cleaning services rendered. 

7.5. If keys are lost by our cleaning operatives, only then will key replacement / locksmith fees be paid at a £30 per household liability limit. Complaints filed more than 24 hours after the cleaning visit will not be accepted. Complaints are accepted verbally, over the phone, and in writing via email. 

7.6. Any refunds or adjustments must be requested to the Company and subject to approval by the Company. The Company may need to gain entry into the Client's premises within 24 hours to rectify any complaint or correct the problem. 

7.7. The Client waive his or her rights to stop payments unless the company fails on their guarantee as shown in part 12. 

7.8. The Company shall not be responsible for any damage caused due to faulty equipment and/or due to the improper installation of any item. The Company and its operatives will assume all surfaces are sealed and ready to clean without causing harm. 

7.9. All complaints are taken seriously and for any reason at all you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, the Company asks that you please kindly contact us and give us the chance to rectify it. You can contact us immediately you notice anything that you dislike. 

7.10. Any attempt to commit insurance fraud or the use of false information to commit any type of fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the Company and the insurance provider(s). Legal fees and monetary compensation may incur.


8.1. The Company reserves the right not to be liable under any circumstances for:

8.2. Any damage, loss, expense, delay, cost of compensation whether directly, indirectly or consequential which may be suffered by or incurred by the Client arising from or in any way connected to the late arrival of a cleaning operative at the service address. 

8.3. Circumstances beyond the Company's control such as transport problems and other related issues, which causes the Company's cleaning operative(s) to arrive late, or the cleaning visit may be rescheduled. 

8.4. Completing tasks which are not stated on our check list. 

8.5. A cleaning job not completed, or up to expectation due to the lack of suitable cleaning detergents and/or equipment in full working order, hot water or electricity. 

8.6. Third party entering or being present at the Client's premises during cleans. 

8.7. Any damage caused by a faulty or not in full working order equipment or detergents supplied by the Client. Any existing damage, spillage, old stains, burns etc to the Client's property that cannot be cleaned or removed completely by the cleaning Operative. 

8.8. Wear or discoloring fabric that becomes more visible once stain and or dirt has been removed. 

8.9. Any damages worth £100.00 or less. 


9.1. Clean Genesis Public and Employer's liability insurance policy will cover any accidental damages  caused by a cleaning operative working on behalf of the Company where reported within 24 hours of service date up to £1,000,000.00. 

9.2. In order to remain competitive with our prices, all claims are subject to an excess of £100 payable by the Client. With an excess of £350 pounds on any claim, £150 are paid by the Client and £200 by the Company. 

9.3. Clean Genesis reserves the right to refuse to share any confidential documents  belonging to the Company.


10.1. A Client understands that he or she is not entitled to any refunds. 

10.2. The Clients satisfaction is top priority for the Company, therefore If a Client is not completely satisfied with a cleaning visit, the Company will re-clean any areas and items to the Clients satisfaction. 

10.3. Clients must therefore allow the Cleaner to be returned. 

10.4. Client must be present during the recovery cleaning. 

10.5. The Company reserves the right not to return a cleaner more than once.


11.1. A minimum of 2 and a half hours applies per cleaning visit for all domestic cleaning service. A minimum of 3 hours per cleaning visit applies for all commercial cleaning.  A minimum of  3 hours per cleaning visit applies for all one- off cleaning. A minimum of 4 hours per cleaning visit applies for all End of Tenancy Cleaning. Our Sales advisor can only give a rough estimate of cleaning duration based on the basic description of Client's premises. Cleaning duration may vary therefore a degree of flexibility is required. 

11.2. A minimum contract length of 30 days applies for all cleaning packages - daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly packages. 

11.3. If a customer does not require cleaning services for more than 4 consecutive weeks then monthly payments will be refunded. 

11.4. Client agrees to provide all necessary equipment and detergent for the required work unless other arrangement have been made with the Company. Detergents and equipment must be safe and must be in full working order. 

11.5. Additional charges may apply if the Client asks the Company to purchase requested items on their behalf. If Client does not have all the necessary cleaning detergents, the Company will supply the necessary cleaning detergents for an additional £2.50 per hour and this must be made known during booking.  

11.6. If the Client requests collection of keys from outside the postal code area of the scheduled cleaning or from a third party's address outside the postal code area, a charge of £10.00 will be applied which covers collection of keys only. If keys are to be returned back to the third party's location or any other address, a £5.00 additional charge will apply. 

11.7. The Client understands that our quoted price is not a "package deal" and does not include anything else apart from cleaning labour. 

11.8. The Client understands that the quoted price may vary according to the conditions of the property, room sizes, etc. 

11.9.  In certain circumstances where the Client is not satisfied with any areas or items that has been cleaned, the Client understands that there will be an exception to our Guarantee in section 12.1. Where there is dissatisfaction with a cleaning visit. For example, where it has been advised that certain types of cleanings normally take double or triple the amount of time it takes for a general cleaning, but the Client still decides to book the minimum hours or a set number of hours, it will be very unlikely that our cleaners will be able to clean everywhere to standard within the time frame even though we try our best to. In this case the option for the Client will be to book another cleaning visit to cover those areas.

11.10. The company shall arrange a replacement cleaner if a Client's regular cleaner is unable to attend a scheduled cleaning visit. The Client will be informed prior to the visit. One- off Cleanings, fortnightly and monthly cleanings, may take longer to complete, due to longer intervals between cleaning visits as compared to regular maintenance cleaning of the same property. 

11.11. The Client is advised that End of tenancy cleaning may take double the length of time for a general cleaning. The Client is advised that after builders cleaning, after party cleaning or badly neglected homes may take up to three times longer than the general cleaning of a well maintained home. 

11.12. If Client has pets (dogs, cats or any other hairy pet) then a 30% extra charge will be added to the service price due to the extensive amount of time it takes to remove animal hair which could slow down the cleaning process. The Client is advised that  pets are not on the loose during cleans, for everyone's safety. 

11.13. All Carpet/Upholstery cleaning orders are subject to a basic cleaning with a £55 minimum charge. 

11.14. All fragile and highly breakable items must be secured and/or removed during cleans. 

11.15. Hand washing of any items of clothing belonging to the Client are not allowed to be carried out by our cleaning operatives.The company advises that the cleaning operative can only use a washing machine for such tasks.  

11.16. The Client agrees to provide a task list for all cleaning detergents and equipment required to carry out the services, unless other arrangements has been made with the Company. 

11.17. The Client must give special instructions for activation/deactivation of any household alarm systems or codes, as the Company will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. 

11.18. The Company reserves the right to make changes to and to amend the initial quotation should the Client's original requirements change. 

11.19. Our cleaning operatives have the right to refuse to clean a property or to abort cleaning if the property is in a state that has not been specified during booking or in a state that makes cleaning difficult or impossible. 

11.20. The Client agrees that by entering into a service agreement with the Company, and after the termination of the cleaning service, the Client would not hire or use any domestic services provided by the Company Cleaner whether past or present. Client must pay a referral fee of £500 if the customer wishes to hire or use the domestic services provided by such a Cleaner.


12.1. Clean Genesis Limited has built its reputation on trust and integrity by providing its Clients with the best possible Cleaning service available. However, due to the fact that our cleaning operatives are human, mistakes are inevitable. As a result of this, we offer a guarantee. If the Client is not satisfied with any areas or items that has been cleaned, the Company's Cleaning operative will come back to the Client's premises for a re-clean of those areas/items free of charge as long as a complaint has been raised within 24 hours to this effect. Client must be present during the recovery cleaning. The Company reserves the right not to return a cleaner more than once. If the conditions of the Client's premises has deteriorated since the original cleaning was undertaken, this guarantee will not apply.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws of the United Kingdom. The Client agrees to be bound by them. The Company reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Terms and Conditions in agreement with Client or any other party without giving any prior notice. Where any of the above clauses change, existing customers will be notified. Please regularly check websites for updates.